New Lens

I had really been looking forward to this summer.  From January 1st to Memorial Day, I had been counting down the days.  Envisioning myself making tons of progress on my work and going on adventures with the kids and setting aside time for my own self-care/enjoyment and taking poor Pepper on regular walks.  I’m sad to say that much of this hasn’t happened.  The time flies by much quicker than I anticipated and it’s hard to make the time for everything.

I’m starting to buy into the notion of “protecting” your time.  By this, I mean setting aside deliberate time for the different things that are important to you like work, exercise, adventure, and whatever else it is.  So I have decided to do this with certain aspects of my life that I have fallen into the habit of ignoring; creative endeavors, like photography, writing, and drawing, being one of them.

This website has really languished and there have been many times when I would have deleted it if I had only known how.  At this time no one is reading it, so rather than just letting it collect dust I’m going to use it as a semi-private space where I can document my daily efforts.  That’s the plan.

So anyway, on day one I bought a new lens (Fujinon 27mm 2.8) which always makes me feel motivated to take more photographs for at least a few days.  Except I’m hoping this time my motivation won’t wane.  Historically, one of my issues with taking photographs has been that my cameras are too big. I know that sounds ridiculous, but as someone who likes to photograph the mundane and to go unnoticed doing so, I feel like such a jerk pulling out a giant camera with a giant lens.  Anyway, long story short, this lens is very small and so is the camera.  In the afternoon we stopped by Sherwood Gardens. It was thundering, but we were in the area and I wanted to show Evelyn the flowers.  We were able to run around for about 8 minutes before I started to worry about the impending storm.  

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