I’ll smile if I want to

When I started writing here again (three whole days ago), I said I wanted to set aside time to do something creative every day.  I deliberately chose not to say I want to take a photograph every day because I’ve tried that before and to be perfectly honest it became really unpleasant.  I’m not even committing to writing here every day because that’s obviously not always possible.

Anyway, yesterday my day was dominated by stress. Particularly agitating was a piece of feedback, if you can even call it that, that my partner and I received over on the grief support website that we run, What’s Your Grief.  To sum it up, the woman said we had sour attitudes and that we: “Should put a smile on our faces”.  I can take all types of thoughtful and constructive feedback, but telling me to smile is where I draw the line.

First of all, it’s a grief website.  Second, she has absolutely no idea how much I smile because she’s never met me.  Third, if I’m being honest, I receive this comment quite a lot and it makes me absolutely crazy. I just so happen to have a face that causes me to look unhappy even when I’m not (I think the technical term for this is resting bitch face).  I’ll just be walking down the street minding my own business in a perfectly fine mood and out of nowhere some guys in my face saying “Ahhhhhh it’s not that bad!!!”   The worst.

Anyway, all this to say that yesterday my main mode of work procrastination was drawing these stick figures, which I’m counting as doing something creative.don't tell me to smile

I did happen to take some photos as well.  Coincidently I’ve taken so many pictures of my daughters that they no longer bother to smile.  Which is fine with me.  They’ll smile if they want to.


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