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Hanging at the Pool

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National Harbor

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Swimming Hole

I’m realizing that trying to start a new routine in the middle of the summer may be a little misguided. Especially this summer because it has been so busy with comings and goings. I will […]

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Random Things

Out for a walk in the neighborhood.  Ginny said, “What are you taking a picture of that for?  Grief?” Evelyn is in piano lessons, but she’s a little tired of Hot Crossed Buns. Little girls […]

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Off to Denver

Off to Denver.

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Stuffed Puppy

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I’ll smile if I want to

When I started writing here again (three whole days ago), I said I wanted to set aside time to do something creative every day.  I deliberately chose not to say I want to take a […]

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Tried but True

Well, it took all day, but we finally found something that put a smile on both girl’s faces.    

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New Lens

I had really been looking forward to this summer.  From January 1st to Memorial Day, I had been counting down the days.  Envisioning myself making tons of progress on my work and going on adventures with the kids and setting […]

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