Mother/Daughter Life

My mother died on October 23, 2006 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. Over the following weeks I struggled to hold onto her memory as the physical evidence of her existence began to fade from the world. By the time the colorful leaves of November had fallen from the trees I could no longer remember the sound of her voice.

Around this time I grew desperate to know the life growing inside me was a little girl; believing that the dissonance of my world would resolve when I once again found myself part of a mother/daughter pair. I got my wish when my daughter Evelyn was born the following May, and again 3 years later with the birth of sweet Virginia.

I bathe in each moment I spend with my daughters, understanding each one is a precious as the last. Not wanting to forget a thing, I’m compelled to freeze the details of our days with the push of the camera shutter button.

These photographs represent a single chapter in our story and are a part of a larger collection called Mother/Daughter Life.

evelyn portrait.jpgginny at stream.jpgfilm ginny.jpgIMG_0002bw.jpgIMG_3712 bw.jpglacrosse.jpgdoll.jpgmedusa.jpgginny on dock.jpgpunk.jpgroad trip.jpgsidewalk.jpg